Monday, November 11, 2013

OOTD: Rules for Wedding Guest Attire

In an alternate universe, I would attend numerous glamourous galas. This would necessitate the purchase of a new gown each and every time, and hours of primping to make my grand entrance in the ballroom of some exquisite mansion. My reality is that day in and day out, I have about half an hour in the morning to haul myself out of bed and press out a corporette outfit to make my debut in my four wall cubicle. 

I'm now in the thick of the wedding years with my friends. Of course I'm ecstatic to celebrate the union and love of the happy couple, but I'm equally ecstatic to have an opportunity to get dressed to the nine's for a night on the town!

I had a hard time finding the perfect outfit for my friend's wedding in September. I wanted something that adhered to my rules of wedding guest attire:

Keep the attention on the bride. 

Don't forget you are a guest at the wedding. I liken it to being a fashion accessory. You shouldn't overshadow the main piece (the bride), but rather compliment it. Keep the attention on the bride by avoiding anything flashy, short, sparkly, tight or revealing. If your outfit makes jaws drop, it's not the right outfit for a wedding!

Stay classy not trashy.

This links with my first rule. If you're wearing something trashy, you're taking away from the bride. Of course, a skanky dress will not outdo the beauty of a bride, but it does detract attention away from the more important things of the day.

No red, white or black.

Most people know you should never wear white to a wedding. I'm a bit old school and extend it to red and black. I love red and wear it frequently, but to a wedding it's like putting a spotlight on yourself and saying look at me! Lady in red! In terms of black, if you have nothing else that appeases all the other rules - you can wear your black dress. But personally, I prefer a more celebratory colour as opposed to one traditionally associated with mourning!

Dress up!

The bride and groom have spent oodles of money on their special day. Show respect to their efforts by dressing your best. Be sure to check the invitation for dress code instructions such as black tie, cocktail attire or formal. Even if the dress code says casual, jeans are always a no-no.

When I laid eyes on this lace number, I knew it would be perfect for a Fall wedding. Since I'm nerdy, I made my boyfriend wear a coordinating tie and handkerchief. 

Breakdown: Le Chateau dress and clutch | Enzo Angiolini shoes | The Bay earrings | Gifted bracelets

I saw my lovely hairdresser to get my hair blown out into what I call Victoria Secret Angel hair. The wedding was fantastic and hopefully I have another one to go to soon before the baby years come on. While I can equate a wedding to a gala, I'm pretty sure a baby arrival doesn't require the same wardrobe!


  1. lovely look for a fall wedding.
    some people really don't know how to dress for weddings - i've seen people in flip flops and sneakers at a formal wedding.


  2. hahaha...we get so few chances to dress up, a wedding is a perfect excuse! :)

  3. Cool post ! I personally love items 1 and 3! Its such a pet peeve of mine when I see a guest in white at a wedding. Its like ... um HELLO lol ! xx

    1. right?!?! I totally agree. lol :)


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