Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ottawa's Great Pumpkin Charity Ball Review

Given my love for dressing up, it's no surprise that I love to transform myself on Halloween. Always as something attractive of course - I'm too vain to go as something truly scary! I had a good five Halloween's as a princess in my youth, and over the years I've upgraded to more original, although equally girly costumes. This year, I decided to drag my boyfriend into a couples costume and after a lot of Internet searching, I we decided to go as Lumiere and Babette (the candlestick and the feather duster) from Beauty and the Beast. I like to think of it as the unsung love story of the Disney classic! 

From a house party on Saturday night - that's one half of Google Maps behind us!

On Friday night, we took our costumes and went to Ottawa's Great Pumpkin Charity Ball held at St. Brigid's "Haunted Castle". It's a former church in the market that was converted into an Irish Cultural Centre. After I got over the initial shock of seeing a party at a church - with people drinking and a rockband in the altar - I realized that this was an amazing idea. The charity ball is a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing. The ball has frequently sold out and this year was no exception. 750 guests filled the former church to dance until dawn.

I was so impressed with the professionalism of the volunteer led event. As I entered St. Brigid's, a toga wearing fraternity member welcomed me and escorted me to the downstairs "Disco Dungeon". Before entering the dungeon, another volunteer invited me to enter the $1 000 cash prize draw and I got a professional photo taken with my posse.

The disco dungeon had a a fabulous DJ who thankfully kept the Halloween themed music to a minimum and played current songs as well as some of the best from the 2000's (hearing Spice Girls was an unexpected happy surprise!). The organizers rented $75 000 in lights and lasers and it was totally worth it - the place looked amazing!

Upstairs the altar was set up for a band called Hair Nation. I was downstairs mostly so I didn't hear them play. At midnight, everyone congregated (har har) upstairs to hear who won the prizes (raffle tickets were also sold for separate hourly draws of a very extensive prize list). Best costume went to a head to toe blue Avatar couple. My favorite get-ups included a puppet complete with strings, a werewolf, a larger than life Domino's costume, a Sailor Moon group and various convincing dead looking people! Given the amount of time and effort that went into our costumes, I'm glad that everyone did the same. I have never seen such thoughtful and elaborate costumes! The crowd was really friendly and nice. Strangers would come up to each other and ask to take photos and compliment their outfits.

Before I left, I enjoyed some cookies made by Algonquin College's Culinary Program. Throughout the night they were offering finger foods - although the cookies were the only things I was able to get my hands on. 

While it was 19+, most people seemed to be in their mid 20's to mid 40's. Overall, I LOVED the Great Pumpkin Charity Ball and now have a ton of ideas for next year's costume! 


  1. such a great halloween costume!
    belle and the beast are overrated, haha.

    1. Thanks!! Everyone immediately recognized Lumiere but it took them a little longer to figure out who I was! lol :)

  2. You two look adorable. Love this (& your blog)!

  3. Yo are stunning!
    I adore your hair <3
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