Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fashion Friday Taping at Cityline!

I'm going to be honest. Everything I know about fashion, I learned from Cityline. I've been watching the show since my early teens (now 10++ years...EEK!) and between Marilyn Denis, Tracy Moore, Sandra Pittana, Lisa Rogers and Lynn Spence, every Friday I have gotten an invaluable education in the what and what not to wear.

I missed the boat and never went to Chicago to see Oprah, and I vowed not to let the opportunity pass to see the Canadian Oprah (Tracy!) in Toronto. Fashion Friday is Cityline's most popular show, so audience tickets are selected by lottery two to three months in advance. I applied a few times before without being chosen. But late last year, I applied for literally every Friday possible in January and February and was finally selected! 

The night before the taping I was SO excited I couldn't sleep. It worked out well as I decided to wake up at 5:30AM to let my curls dry naturally so they would look their best. Nobody said the life of a TV star is easy! hehehe...

The set was much smaller than I anticipated. Before the show started taping, there was a flurry of excitement between the producer, cameramen, and set assistants, and of course the buzz of the audience. Bill Rowley, hairstylist extraordinaire, was doing the makeover and went through the audience searching for someone who wanted a drastic change, not just a quarter inch trim. A mom who was there with her daughter was selected and was whisked away to have her before-photo taken and her makeup removed. I always thought that the makeover team was seriously pressed for time to complete a transformation in an hour, but they were done with her about half way through the show!

A few models came out before the show to have still shots taken and I saw that Sandra Pittana would be the guest fashion expert. Sandra has the most fun style out of the three fashion experts. Her hot pink top matched her nails AND her glasses!! (Fashion takeaway: I need to expand my glasses collection by infinity!)

I had a mini crisis trying to figure out what to wear and what to make my boyfriend wear (I'm his personal stylist), but I immediately knew I made the right decision in my royal-blue peplum suit when Tracy came out wearing the exact same color! She said that the audience looked great and looked to my boyfriend (one of the only two males in the audience) and commented that he looked "shnazzy!" in his vest suit with coordinating tie, handkerchief and socks!

The multiple massive cameras somewhat blocked our view, but the actual show taping ran very smoothly. We saw two fashion shows, one on swimwear from Melmira and the other on activewear from Sporting Life. Bill did a segment on hair care 101 and Bahar Niramwalla, the makeup expert, showcased cleansing oils and a lesson on how to line your lips. I was surprised at how quickly they moved between segments. The show isn't live, but they still took the equivalent of a commercial break to switch from one segment to another. Two hours after we arrived, it was all done!

Of course like a groupie, I had to get photos with all my favourite personalities. I was literally star stuck and barely got two words out with them but whatever. Every single person I encountered was so incredibly kind and down to earth. Tracy was even more stunning in person and even though she was in a rush to catch a plane, she took photos with everyone! 

Me with Tracy Moore, host of Cityline. We look like twinsies in our matching outfits!
The always fabulous Sandra Pittana! (When you watch the show, notice how she starts off with a necklace, but then takes it off. It was interfering with her mic!)
Bill Rowley said he liked my hair!! :D
With the makeup experts, Bahar Niramwalla and Tracy Peart!
Cityline videographer Patrick Reynolds!

Of course, Cityline wouldn't let their audience members walk out empty handed. I got a Dior lipliner, a prize pack with full size versions of various Palmer's Cocoa Butter products and a $50 gift certificate to First Choice Haircutters. I traded my First Choice gift certificate with my boyfriend for his lipliner and cocoa butter goodies!

A cameraman took video of the audience so you MIGHT be able to see me when the show airs. You can catch it on CityTV next Friday, January 24th. You can also stream the show online here:

Thanks Cityline for letting me see how the magic happens!


  1. Seems like it was a great time! I had a blast at The Social this past October, so I can relate with regards to the excitement factor:)

    1. Neat!! That's the next show I want to see! :)

  2. What a fantastic experience and you looked amazing!!! I love the colour and of course, the fit on you! You and Tracy looked like sisters!




    1. So nice of you to say! Thank you!! :)

  3. i live in toronto and have never thought to attend a taping.
    i definitely want to after reading your post!

    ps. love the color of your suit.
    and clearly, tracy did too!

    1. Thanks hun! If I lived in Toronto I think I would try and go see Cityline and The Social at least once a month! haha :)

  4. Hi!

    A friend of mine just got tickets to a taping, but I have to work at 12:30 that day. What time did you get out from the taping?


    1. I can't remember exactly but I think it was before noon :)


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